Losing You (feat. Max) SONG LYRICS

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Losing You (feat. Max) - Witt Lowry Song Lyrics

Another night, I can barely sleep
I pray to God my soul to keep
If I shall die before I wake
I pray to God my soul to take
I pray to God I'll be over great
Not another white rapper they overrate
Ya'll spoil like the south on the Florida state
I am always over worked and never over paid
But I prayed for it
And when they told me that I couldn't man,
I had to find a way for it,
Serving table every day,
I had to find a way to pay for it, damn,
And when I started going numb,
Was when I realized I was made for it
Yeah, so fuck all my feelings
I feel like the villain
Feel like I overstep boundaries
Feel like you're better without me
Feel like I'm drowning,
Feel like I never had found me
I don't want no one around me
I don't think nobody knows how it feels when there's so many people yet no one to listen
I tried to do good with a talent I'm given
I tried to see clear, your attention's been blocking my vision
Surrounded by fake and honestly, lately debating how much more I could take
A couple more shots to the face
I often don't drink so I'm searching for something to chase
She's putting my hands on her waist
Her tongue's in my mouth
And I wonder what pain she can taste
I'm taking caffeine when I wake
And tired of taking a pill in the PM just to sleep when it's late
I don't know what to believe in
Did it all for the wrong reasons
And now I'm picking up all the pieces
Of that person I once knew
I been losing you, you, you, you, you, you,
I been losing youI guess I lost me for a while
Well, welcome back
Lately, I forgot how a smile felt
Now, picture that,
Thought I could buy happy
Maybe could buy a new car, in all black,
Put my whole entire team on a map
But everything I have now, had to work for all of that
But to see my dad again,
I would give it all back
They just want me to rap
I feel like a slave to this shit
I know that I prayed for this shit
But if I have one more fake convo with one more fake person,
I might just go ape on this shit
Remembering back we had no place to live,
And you spent my rent money on clothes that you're wearing
Confusing your Instagram followers for people you care and
You'll never find happy when stuck in comparing, I know
I miss the feeling of feeling feelings
Now every song I write I've been dripping
And Uzi reel in
I tried to tell my story
Yeah feeling is less appealing
Then rappers like to mumble and already hit the ceiling
So fuck
Didn't fuck with me way back then
Now it's hey, what's up,
Is it weird that I still feel stuck
Think it's funny when I spill my guts 'cause I feel?
Feeling like I need to stop playing, he's real
I spent the last week in bed
And the weekend, was drunk
'Cause honestly, I just couldn't deal
Especially 7 days now without you, that makes one week
You turn into someone else after just one drink
Wonder if I'm on your mind when you think
And honestly I tried to help you find you but instead I lost me now
I don't know what to believe in
Did it all for the wrong reasons
And now I'm picking up all the pieces
Of that person I once knew
I been losing you, you, you, you, you, you
I been losing you
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Losing You (feat. Max) song lyrics