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Workin Man - Hank Williams III Song Lyrics

I woke up this morning kissed my wife good bye
I pray to god that I make it home safe tonight
It's a dangerous job but I take that risk
I trade my blood and sweat just to feed my kids
Ive been workin' for the man since a tender age
now a rich politician wants to lower my wage
pour me a drink so I can understand
these are the struggles of a workin' manI work outside in the pourin' rain
when its cold as ice, when im full of pain
it dont matter what i feel inside, long as the job that im workin' gets done on time
the boss man says works gettin' slow
pack up your tools boys and head on home
I pour another drink and try to understand
these are the struggles of a workin' man
See i work construction, i build things
you understand how important that is to the world
i dont know if ya'll realize the pressure that puts on a man like meI love my wife and I raise my son
Best I can, better than some
I just found out there other day
I got another little one thats on the way
I took a new job down at the factory
ya, dont pay much but atleast we can eat
i roll up a smoke and i make a new plan
these are the struggles of a workin' man
Went down to the river just the other day
got down on my knees and began to pray
i said lord please wont you understand
the struggles of this workin' manThese are the struggles of a workin' man

Workin Man song lyrics