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Old Me - Luh Kel Song Lyrics

Hmm, yeah, yeah
Hmm, uh, yeah, yeah
Hmm, skrt, uh yeah
Yeah, yeah, uh
Bankroll Got It
I went from Gucci to Louis to Fendi to Prada
Niggas be mad 'cause I came from the bottom
They be all mad but they act like they not
Brought it to life 'cause I cracked through the code
I try my hardest to stay out of drama
I hit the cousin, the sister, the momma
Gang be so high but we try to stay low
Sounds like a stripper, I stay with a pole
I made it rich but I stay out of drama
No I'm on top and it's shots at her momma
I never changed 'cause I came in the game with
the mind just to get 'em, I tell you I got 'em
I ride with the shottas, I ride with them killers
I never drill but I know me some drillers
Niggas OD 'cause I came in the team
Ain't no taming on me when they look at my wrist like (Yeah)
Bustdown rollie my wrist, Bruce Lee, the way that I kick (Yeah)
I really came up from nothin'
Them haters be knowin' the fact that I'm lit (Yeah)
New stunner, I be switchin' them lanes
I hang with the side 'cause I don't need a main
They keep glazing by the way that I change
They dripping the water every time that I sing like
No, you know me (Yeah)
I beat the crack, I beat the code, the OG (Yeah)
Shoutout, shoutout to the old me (Yeah)
Shawty, she act like she know, she know me (Yeah, yeah)
You know me (Yeah)
You know me (Yeah)
Shoutout, shoutout to the old, the old me (Yeah)
I be the, you be O, the OG (Yeah)
Shoutout, shoutout to the old, you know me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)Sound like a lighter, I'm lit like a BIC
Gave me a trick so I gave her a trick
They be so mad 'cause I came in the game
Ain't worried 'bout that 'cause I'm switching them lanes
Tell my brother

Old Me song lyrics