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Artist : T.I.
Title : Stand Up Guy
Ay, I know you done kicked it wit a lot of niggaz before,
but you ain't never kicked it wit a nigga like me,
Hey, Hey,

I see you baby throw your hands up high
if you wanna come and kick it wit a stand up guy
because the rocks gon' glisten
and the drops on 20's
bend it over let it drop
if you wanna go wit me
i said all my sexy ladies throw your hands up high
if you wanna come and kick it wit a stand up guy
because it dont get better
niggaz dont get cheddar
like the fella in the yellow, Purple Label suit sweata

big stones keep glowin on my wrist like whoa
and she can't stop lookin' know your bitch like those
and she chose ain't no question if the bitch might blow
just get her to the crib, get her home like so
and imma blow my dro imma pop my pill
ask anybody wanna take a shot "I will"
u might see me in a different color drop hot wheel
wit the top down low and the glock concealed
i got my Hayabusa racin up the block one wheel
if the police try and chase me u kno they a done deal
i got skills, anybody wanna come test
that what's in this 45 be up in yo' chest
yea i kno ladies wanna kick it wit a nigga so fresh
keep the spinna on the K any day no stress
the watches is insane the chains is grotesque
stack singles if u wanna like it aint no cash


hey if u gotta man and ur tired of bein there
and u gave him too many chances and 'tired of bein fair
i offer u the opportunity to ride wit a playa
u me and a couple of freaks and ride wit a playa
nevermind those outside when they starin
cuz the chrome 24's on the ride give a glare
because there's one guy and u decided to share
as long as ur havin the time of ur life who cares?
man we all sinners what matters is in the center
i kno god see the heart and imma stand up nigga
u cant beat me cuz u aint man enough nigga
i look 'em in the eye and tell 'em "Man up nigga"
if u really gettin money throw a grand up nigga
u wanna fight u shoulda hit me when u ran up nigga
let the Smith & Wessen hammer body slam fuck niggas
go and kick it wit the ho's throw ur hands up nigga


niggas hatin' on my cuz i live so special
try to stay low key but i'm still so special
flat screens in the flo' quarter mil' in the dresser
jewelry box glowin like i'm all outta treasure
i aint chillin but finessin wit a girl named heather
told her Hi how u doin? Buy a drink? My pleasure.
told her if she gotta home girl go tell her
that i got her on the run and i can go forever
If Vanessa wanna touch it just let her
she laughed out loud and shocked cuz we just met her
but the dro gettin low and it's only 1/5
and there's fo' pairs left Do u wanna come with?


Ringtones Ringtones: Send Stand Up Guy Ringtones to your Cell

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