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Trapped In The Closet [Chapter 7] SONG LYRICS


R. Kelly

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There's, total silence, blood everywhere, and confusion on their faces as they continue to stare
Then Gwen starts shakin and cryin screamin what did you do
And then the policeman looks at me and screams see now I warned you
Then he starts pacin the floor screamin God what have we done here
Then she rush to the door blood on her hands screamin there goes your whole career
Meanwhile I'm freakin out sayin we got to do somethin and got to do somethin qiuck
Then he picks up the gun and says I have a wife at home I cant have no part of this
She says James I cant belive you just said just what you said
Cause thats not what you was sayin when your ass was in my bed
Then I said get married later
But right now we got to use our heads
first of all did anybody think to check if the man was alive or dead
Then he looks at her she looks at me I look at them and we look at him
Meanwhile Gwen's aout to have a nervous breakdown the way she's shakin and cryin
And then she screams you bastards you've killed my brother
Then I said Gwen wait a minute I didn't she said no you killed my brother
She said he just got out of prison, he's been through a lot
He was talkin about changin his life and everything and to come home and get shot
Then I said baby it wasnt my fault this man had a gun on me
Besides how was I to know that you was gettin down with this crooked ass police
He says now wait minute and I said naw you wait a minute
And then I say man this is my wife we had a life until you butted up in it
She cried out Slyvester now hold on
Even though he was in our home let's not forget the fact that you was out there creepin in another man's home
(Agh, Agh) (Agh, Agh) Twon starts coughin (Agh, Agh) then she says Twon oh my God baby brother are you okay
Then he looks up at her and says I'm not goin to die at least not today
Then he asks what happened says why did I get shot?
Slyvesyer what is this policeman doin here
I said go on tell him cop
He says son we got to get you to a hospital and take a look at that wound
Twon says no I'm ok its just my shoulder all I need is a bathroom
Then 5 minutes has gone by and they tellin Twon everything that happened
Twon says shit man I would have been better off in prison
And now somebody's bangin at the door and I'm like awww naw here we go again
Thinkin outloud to myself sayin when is this shit goin to end
Then Gwendolyn looks at me and says baby you got that
Naw I say no
She says why
I said because I'm not openin up another mothafuckin door
Then the cop says Gwen I'll get it then looks at me and says man of the house my ass
I said I'll get it but whoever it is I'm bout to put they ass on blast
And then the policeman grab me I snatch away and got my gun up off the floor
Twon says now thats what I'm talkin about Slyvester point that shit toward the door
Then he snatches the policemans gun and says officer arrest me later
I count to 3 Twon opened the door and its Rose the nosey neighbor
With a spatula in her hand
Like thats goin to do somethin against them guns
Its Rosey the nosey neighbor

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Trapped In The Closet [Chapter 7] Ringtones to your Cell

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