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Touched a Dream SONG LYRICS


R. Kelly

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Girl, you just don't know
Last night was incredible

Last night I felt the skies open up and rain down heaven
Last night I felt the sun, the moon and stars come together
Last night I heard an angel speak to me and said "Us forever,"
And while we were makin' love, I saw visions of a tropical river, last night I

Touched a dream (you were here with me, last night I)
Touched a dream (girl, you fulfill my fantasy)
Touched a dream (said we re-wrote the book of love-makin history)
Touched a dream (last night you brought my dreams to reality)

Now last night, I coulda sworn I saw an eagle spread his wings
Last night I heard a mass quietly lift their voice and sing
Last night I saw the world livin' in peace and harmony
While we were makin' love, there were souls being set free


After the rain comes the rainbow
The sun will shine even though it's cold
(And mother nature guarantees again)
Jumped the mountain and touched the sky
O'er the sea baby we can fly
When we make love I see the flowers, the trees, the birds, the bees, last night I

[chorus till fade]

Baby we rewrote the book of love making history
Whenever I have a dream
I vision you right there with me
I know you might love making qweens (well)
I love making kings
No man or woman come between what god has givin you and me (hey)
From the branch that I can see
For givin Ranch that I can see
Together in school with the T
We made our victory
Together the perfect chemistry
Forever and ever versery
To my branch you're a leeve
I'm a carry, you're a sea
Ahh, winter, summer breeze
That's why I ain't goin let the devil still my joy from me
Cause I done, ooh ooh
Touched a dream

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Touched a Dream Ringtones to your Cell

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