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R. Kelly

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Ooh oh ooh (Yeah it's Kelz)
(I got the whole symphony with me)

(Chorus 2x)
I'll be touchin' your skin
Kissin' your skin
Feelin' your skin (oooOoooh)

I feel like I been just let of a cage girl
Cause for long for you I've had this crave girl
I've waited patiently and now you are ready
And I could tell you feel the exact same way
Just like me

Well enter
Take it off
Come hrrr
Ooh your so soft

See I will be your toy
Play with me like Lego
I'm your soldier boy
Girl your ghetto angel
Your skin so beautiful
Sexy so beautiful
I can't wait to grind it grind it grind it
But first
Giiirl I wanna see you
Wind it wind it wind it for me
Yeah yeeaah
And girl before we get into it
Tease me (baby baby)
Tease me (oooOoooo)
Here's a preview of what's about to go down


Girl I'll be flippin' your body
So I hope you're acrobatic
Girl you want my body
And I'm tryin' to be your hobby
Now push it, now drop it
I'm in you, you're screamin'
I wanna treat it like me house
If I could I'll live up in it

Take it off
Come hrrr
Shawty your so soft

I wanna lay you down and hit it
Cause my body been waitin' waitin' waitin'
Patiently waitin'
And now that you're givin' it to me
I can't take it take it
Girl I can't take it
Said I'll be makin' noises
You'll be makin' noises
Yeah yeah yeah
You'll be screamin' deeper
I'll be goin' deeper
Of course


Lights off go on jump
On it baby on it baby
Do you ooo ooo
Want it baby want it baby
Shawty your skin is
So delightful
The sex that we havin' is
So monumental
Makin' love over and over again
Lookin' at your body
Did you get a tan?
The way your body works
From the touch of my hand
Thought you was a snake
When I touch your skin

Take it off
Come hrrr


(Guitar outro)

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Skin Ringtones to your Cell

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