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Npk Twice

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I'm on the,I'm on the,I'm on the
I'm on the Block
[Verse:npk twice]
Ok I'm wrong your Right that's the shit that you
Look at this eyes don't have no Fear
This is your death shedin tear
Its godflow and prodicle son...
For this comon goal we are one...
Nigger I'm versatile,I can flip it in every song...
Lick it before I Fuck it...
That's servin before I eat...
All these niggers Soundin Flop
After theses flows you will need a Mop...
Hope its Cossy at the bottom... Its lonely at the
Dial 10111,Tell 'em twice has began...
Killin every Rapper on the radar
Leave the scene a bit Red, like sunday Dinner
Ntwana usazogqwala! Huh..
[Verse:npk twice]
Gadafi... X2
Your women see me,she callin me Papi..
Basadi x 2
Ke le rata kaobona...
Ka shela...
Mandela's x2
Ke rata chelete,ke batla kao fela
King the west,beatin my best
Yes I go Realer (Gorilla)
Quitin this shit like Carol manana(sabc sport
former presenter)
Potatoe/Potata you thinkin its funny?
Not datin ya lil sister,stop callin me sbali...
Your rap skills ziyabanda,umkhukhu wasekhaya...
Stop rap Bukela Isbaya... Ngoba Ntwan' yabhora!
Feelin myself don't care bowt you
Talkin bowt bitches,I'm fuckin a few
I don't care bowt these niggers
Remove 'em beer labels
That's shockin,that's shockin man
Like electric Cables
Fuck it nigger I want my tracker
Or bring my fuckin cash back(B-trigger Diss line)

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Gaddafi Ringtones to your Cell

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