Interlude 7 SONG LYRICS

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Interlude 7 - Lauryn Hill Song Lyrics

I'll tell you every single, we all have gifts you know, and like special gifts
And there's this voice inside of us that says
"Don't do that", you know, "Why you gonna get up there with that guitar?
You're gonna like like a, a hip hop folk singer
What are you, you know, what are you"And I really went through, I mean, I'm serious
I mean I can laugh about it now
But it took a long time for me to understand that
You know, what I am is what I am
And I can't be afraid to, you know to expose that to the public
You know, always get in trouble trying to make it
Tryin' to dress it up, you know what I'm sayin'?
Just tired of that, you know, just tired of that
Tired of frontin', tired of thatAnd until I find a group of people
That are as passionate about it as I am
I'll just roll alone until such time, you know
It's all good, God is faithful, y'all still get to hear it, so, you know?'Cause see that enemy he would tell me, you know
"You don't have the 20 piece band, you can't do nothin'"
I said, "Yeah, sure, keep talkin"
'Cause somebody's gonna, they gonna see me and they gonna know
"Oh I, there's somethin' that God's been tellin me to do
I can do it, too I can do what I'm supposed to be doin'
I don't need an entourage what do I need a crew for?"
That doesn't validate you, okay, let's see
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Interlude 7 song lyrics