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101 - Alicia Keys Song Lyrics

You're used to that sound of a heart that's breaking
I know it don't phase you anymore
You're the king of the game that you played
I know you played it a hundred times beforeYou fill your bedroom up with trophies
Then you get a kick out of closing the door
Got all the words to keep on hoping
I know you said them a hundred times beforeBut then there's me, a false for your gold
Then there's me, just love me for fun
Baby, there's me, no use or pretend
Oh, there's me, a 101
I might as well stand in front of a bullet
Close my eyes and kick the chair to the floor
It's like a speeding train is coming
I know you've crashed it a hundred times beforeThen there's me, all false for your gold
Now that there's me, just love me for fun
Oh, there's me, no, no use in pretending
Oh, there's me, a 101Everybody says I gotta be crazy
That I deserve everything that I get
But I got a feeling that makes me wanna ignore
All that you've done a hundred times before'Cause then there's me, could I be the one?
And baby, there's me to make you undone
Uh darling, there's me, no, no use in pretending
Oh, there's me, a 101
So I gotta be I gotta be
I gotta be a hundred and one
Maybe it's time, maybe it's me
Maybe I could be, maybe pretend
(Let me pretend)I gotta be, I wanna be a 101
Yeah, baby
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101 song lyrics