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Lil Wayne

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This that rock with me music,
buck with me music. Baby come to my pad and fuck with
me music. Fuck with me music,
fuck with me lose ya life.
I would like to prove it, but that's why I got goonies.
Ever since a junior, I've been on that bullshit.
You know like a fireplace?
That's how hot it would get.
So Santa, come yo ass down the chimney.
Behind my kids, I'll leave ya gift bag empty.
Rift raft plenty, yeah that's what yall do.
I got two tech nines, should I text or call you?

Muddafucka I'll kill all you.
Put the pump to ya ear and pump up the volume.
Knock out a tall dude, bear hug a fat boy.
I'll fuck the teacher and stomp on a frat boy.
I don't believe in preachers and I've never been a
choir boy. But my pockets do hit high notes like Mariah,
boy. Yeah, I keep my angel low|Angelou like Maya boy,
then I pull it out and give you wings.
Watch me fly a boy. Used to be a Hoy Boy now I'm a
fire boy. I'm talkin' fire like rubbin' cauderoy.

Oops I mean corduroy, Carter boy,
stuntin' like my father, boy,
flow like water, boy. Even though I got a voice like
ya boy on water, boy. They pay a ton like my first
name was Walter, boy. Sweetness,
but see you'd rather salt a boy.
But I'll put that pimp in ya step like Walter,
boy. Chuch and Weezy F's the altar boy.
And yes I am a dog, now watch me cat-apult a boy.
Yeah I am extra ULTRA, yes a vulture.
Catch ya walkin', next you're talkin' to the morgue
about extra coffins, HA.

Yeah, I'm hyped like my wife made extra coffee.
Me and my wife be A, O-K, I'm trynna shake them X's
off me. What is is? I'm back on my biz.
And I put that on the treads on the backs of my kids.
May that M11 be attacked my ribs and the bullets that
I give be attached to his.
I'm back mutherfucka, I'm that mutherfucka.
Besides Barack, I'm one hell of a black mutherfucka.
Yadigg? Fuck every fish in the river.
Hop of my love boat, fuck ever fish in the river, nigga.

Yeah, when you in that trunk do you quiver nigga?
Cut the music up so he can't hit a nigga.
And then we burn the car..
.with the nigga. Burn him so bad they can't tell if
it is a nigga. We'll leave ya body lookin' like
a lizard nigga. My ??? is chef,
do you want to be for dinner,
nigga? I'm at the finish like 'what's up with these
beginner niggas'? I'm a winner nigga.
But now and then a nigga. Shoutout to Nas for helpin'
me tap into my inner nigga. And nigga or not, we are all sinners nigga.

So please forgive me if I have to kill a nigga.
And the president is still a nigga. YEAH."

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Yeahhh Ringtones to your Cell

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