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Lil Wayne

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Verse 1:
I got that chrome sittin' on my hog get in and roll let me see you dish
it in your soul.And I know what your feelin' what your feelin is me and
while you being a gangster bitch and me being a "G" is all I see is kids.
Say my name if want the deal Oh bay we can play the hearts and I
swear I won't renigg. All the things that I haven't said I really want
to been. Cuz baby I'm a hustler I had to give it in. I'm a love you in
all the games you'll win.You feelin my grin all though it's often seen but
naw I'm not mean I'm yo boy I got you you got me.Really though and
you pretty but I ain't tryin to see you in no videos.Serious!! I know you
thought you'd never find a human like I the one who have the power to
take over mine.What?Isaid one who has the power to take over mine.
Who?That is I mama.

My name is Weezy baby baby baby.My name is weezy baby baby baby.
(repeat 2x)

Verse 2:
See I don't know if you get it yet you got me droed up on cigarettes.
The world is soo cold and I got a little chest,I need to find a miss to
help me miss alittle miss,I gotta give her love and little stress uh,Let's
say me being weezy and thats who I be so know that you ain't fall in
love with a "g" you fell in love with a "g" I,m spellin love with a "v" and
an "o" no u play you see it when Isend it over the two- way oh baby girl
I'm too stray (Yeah!) it ain'y sweet but it's koolaid what I mean is it's as
sweet as you make it. take it to the house.I take it from girl to wifey and
take it to the spouse what we got is great if a snake bite take it to mouth
to the haters it's nothin' save the drama for your mama just save me lovin'
trust you know I'mma take it for us and if I never find love I'mma make it
for us weezy

Baby I can see your worth livin' here on God's green earth. (I got you)
You don't know what've done to me I never thought I'd need you desperately
It's kind of sick that I'm stuck on you,(don't throw up) But I don't care
cuz I needed you (You're not sopposed to) But how I feel should remain
the same cuz your mybaby.
Verse 3:
When the world comes and stress us out. Another thought where it is just us now

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Weezy Baby Ringtones to your Cell

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