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Troublemaker SONG LYRICS


Lil Wayne

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Hello world, i'm your motherfuckin' troublmaker(x2)
I ain't a peace maker
I'm a peace taker
I'm very destructive
watch me break ya
ya i love to smell that blood
bitch come and ask the devil what the hell that was
and you can call me young money streets
and you can see me for all the young money beef
I'm the troublemaker

[Lil Wayne]

Call me Mr. Kill 'em all
bitch nigga don't get involved
shoot you on the front porch
knock to the backyard
knock ya fuckin' back off
knock ya top rack off
you just see jill on the hill
i knock jack off
but this ain't nursery
this is brain surgery
ski mask on my bullets
let 'em commit brain burglary
emergency it's an emergency
someone in all black
left the whole scene burgandy
kamakaze you can try me
imma shoot ya when the gun in this position you can call it kamasutra
imma cock and do it like a motherfuckin' rooster
you pussy boy im your
motherfucker doosher
better run like bobby boucher
it's weezy baby it's time
to induce ya....

[Lil Wayne]

You think you really safe in here? Stand up, we about to take it there
and when we do we come for you to take your body where
nobody else with eyes could see me....

Don't start no shit won't be no shit(x4)

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Troublemaker Ringtones to your Cell

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