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Lil Wayne

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[Hook (x4)]
OK, Lamborghini Mercy, your chick she so thirsty
I'm in that two seat Lambo with your girl, she tryna to jerk me

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Drop it to the floor make that d*ck shake
My homegirls slurp it like a milkshake
All you n*ggas want some Nick cake
If you eat ass I got a thick plate
Weezay, Weezay don't we do this very eazay?
I came from Trinidad on a temporary visa
Cause motherf*ckers know I put the hex on b*tches
I f*ck a b*tch over like I'm sexing b*tches
Tic-tac-toe then I put the X on b*tches
Point game I score who's next you b*tches
Cause all you n*ggas fake and all you n*ggas broke
So all you n*ggas f*ck you, all you n*ggas choke
Cause all you do is boast and argue over hoes
So all you n*ggas toast cause all you deep throat word
F*ck f*ck your Lambo, f*ck f*ck your Murcie
I got more money, in in my f*cking purse
Court side, you in the C Section
I'm with them bloods you you with the C Section
In Malibu I'm by a sea section
And all these b*tches is my sons, yeah C-Section
I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney
You lazy b*tches is f*cking up the economy
Out in Miami I be chilling with a zombie
Diablo Alejandro dimelo Gandhi


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I'm the sh*t turn your nose up
I do some bad b*tches on my tour bus
I do some bad b*tches on my private jet
If them b*tches ain't f*cking give them parachutes
Walked up to a redbone like I'm the sh*t
Told her give me that pussy, and f*ck my b*tch
Yeah skate rebel gun at my waist level
B*tch yellow, tape yellow, give you an H-A-L-O
I don't do pussy n*ggas, but get the most pussy n*gga
I'm popping percs I'm sipping lean, smoking pot like cooking dinner
My homie T roll up my blunt, skinnier than Rex Ryan
I'm counting money I'm smoking plants, call that sh*t math and science
Now suck d*ck, Trukfit, snapback on your dog ass
These n*ggas broke like Mr. Glass, they don't want none, Sister Act
It's Young Money you b*tch you, my weed louder than pimp suits
Your b*tch swallow my pimp juice, her pussy wetter than swim suits
Swish Michael, Phelps n*gga in your ho
Coupe the color of YooHoo, rude boy free Buju
F*ck wrong with these f*ck n*ggas, I been balling since 98
F*ck y'all I'd rather skate, shoot you up in your database
I fell in love with drop tops, I fell in love with shotguns
Our guns bigger than cop guns, y'all ain't spitting, dry tongue
I like wet pussy, she like hard d*ck, hard head make her soft fast
Tatted up from head to toe, guess you can call me a mark man
Wayne soaring, all my whores is whoring
All you rappers is boring, Trukfit hat and some Jordans
Syrup, syrup, syrup, haha yeah, Tunechi b*tch, Dedication 4 ho


Ringtones Ringtones: Send Mercy Ringtones to your Cell

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