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Interlude #2 SONG LYRICS


Lil Wayne

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What's Up Doe?
This is No Ceilings, I'm really hoping that your enjoying
What your experiencing, What your hearing, What your listening to.
Once Again Thank You for listening to this,
Thank You for experiencing this.
Again, This Is No Ceilings.
And I will love for you to look up into the building
and understand that there is No Ceilings,
There's only the SKY and the SKY is the Limit,
Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G) said that, hahaha.
In the background I got Shanell bangin right now,
you know just vibing out...
Real Real, Real Grown and Sexy right now.
Ha- People still say that?
Grown and Sexy? eh...
I said it fuck it.
This is No Ceilings, and uhm...
I ain't gonn' do too much talking, like I said...
I just wanted to check in with you,
and make sure you was enjoyin what you was doin'.
And uhh-
Thank You for Everything.
I'm Out.
No Ceilings! [echo]

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