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Lil Wayne

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Okay I sip that get back im intact. infact he author authetic 3x
Are you slick like sintac enject, evev the paralized feel my impact
yes I skim back over my words that on the page and
line, I dont write I get high and ignite.
I got a serious mental plan and dental plan and you
dont bring the giant out of the gentle man.
.. Gee golly giga bites and a gorrilas into the side
of a ni**as face like i dont give a damn.
even if hes wit his mans and pimps i put his plans
and limbs all over his pants and tims.
.I was unforunate to grow up like the Sims instead
i blew up before i grew up {snickers}.
. I spend eight and put two up cause you never know
when i have do what do when do who do you and you too
and you too woo who!! Now im coocoo like birds wit
my words i am poo poo meaning i am the shit on you
turds. Yes and i get on your nerves
and sit on your mind like piss on the curb.
Bitch disturb me while im working you are jus another earthling
Shit i must be perspiring I like my tuff baggy and my turf clean.
check my pattern sheim i probaly have on rocks from
the moon and saturns rings whos badder give em a ladder
tell em climb on up here and watch me get her.
.. bad part about it is these nigga hate but you wont
even get a bar on my mix tape im probaly on a boat
feedin a bitch grapes and crapes by the way thats french
pancakes. de'clar fance' trebien ol al oadoea sho le
began'.. pardon my french pardon the stinch but i smoke
that grinch till my eyes squint i ment squint im so
bent but bitch im still no Clark Kent

Now my mama used tell me dont let nobody fuck wit me,
it stuck wit me i keep it real to the world publicly ???? fa real oooo
They love you and they hate and they it all jus a part
if animal nature son jus watch them and damn they hatin
cause every animal has a tamer i come from where the
gansters came from and go down like tha train suck
got damn the game sucks thank God im Famous....

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