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Empty seashells held to your ear
Soft words of wisdom you think you can hear

On the beach you're fresh, free and wild
All is within your reach because you're still a child

But then you grow up learning, becoming wise
You can't shake the yearning to flee the lies

And warm waves against your skin, cut like a knife
While you're trying to win in this game called life

Looking back you've grown so much through the years
And seashells seem like just nice souvenirs

Memories, memories are fading, shading a perfect past
Reality, reality is invading a time that could never last

You've grown up so fast

Now you've come so far, if only you knew
You were, you are - still the same you

Grown up so fast
So fast

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Seashells Ringtones to your Cell

Kizzy - Seashells Song Lyrics from "Other Songs".

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