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Jan And Dean

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Popsicle Ringtones to your Cell

My Phys. Ed teacher's got me working too hard
Relax after school, sitting out in the yard
Just me and my baby, I'm holding her hand
Then pop (ding-a-ling), here comes that popsicle man

Orange, lemon, cherry and lime
Fudge, tuti-fruti and a grape, that's fine
Buy one for me, and one for my chick
A lot of good eating on a popsicle stick

(*)(Popsicle) Ba-ba-ba-ba-bababa-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
(Popsicle) Ba-ba-ba-ba-bababa-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba
(@)Want to keep cool, it does the trick
And it comes on a stick, uh-huh-uh

Some people buy popsicles just for kicks
But me and my baby, we save the sticks
To keep brother and sisters quiet as a mouse
We take the popsicle sticks to build a popsicle house

Repeat (*)(@)

So when you hear the bell go (ding-a-ling)
That's the popsicle man and he's the goodie king
Save popsicle wrappers, and before long
You'll win a phonograph to play this record on

Repeat (*)

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Popsicle Ringtones to your Cell

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