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Hoodie Allen

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[Verse 1]
Started out in Brooklyn back in '96
When the Nets were still in jersey but we loved the Knicks
I didn't grow up in a family that hugged and kissed
But ain't sayin' they didn't love they kids we ain't some republicans
And all I wanted was a pool in my backyard
They say we couldn't have fun, didn't have jobs
They say we couldn't pay rent couldn't slack off
Couldn't pack up and take the vacation out in Nassau
Got a private education with the future Goldman Sachs cats
Even tried to duck the bill collector on some Aflac
They got rich stacks named Garfield that's fat cats fat cats
Sammy, Frank, and Dean I got my rat pack, my rat pack
So don't worry bout my accent
You live your life in past tense
You know some girls you best friends
I know some girls we have sex
And we all know girls that do drugs
And we all know girls that just won't
But I know they waiting for me when I come home

I don't wanna be a legend
I just wanna get to heaven
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
I don't wanna be a killer, no
I just wanna keep it real-a oh
I just wanna do me right now
Wanna do me right now
Let me be me

[Verse 2]
They say make it out my home before it's too late
Love my mom and dad but I don't want em as a roommate
Got a kitchen fulla food and liquor like I'm Lupe
But y'all fake as fuck like toupees, So I see the world in blu ray
High Definition, I'mma Tivo it
I wanna save the moment and show that I'm devoted
Preach, I'm on my knees like I Tebowed it
I'm just a young kid celebrating like we loaded
So pardon the following interruption from this rap shit
I'm just tryin to make a million dollars off my passion
That's it
Guys call me coach now, girls call me captain
Feelin like Van Gundy cause my team was fuckin' Magic
But back when I ain't had shit, no food up in my cabinets
They just try to slow me down but I won't play in traffic
Got past it, ain't a beauty contest or a pageant
But I got these kids flippin' like gymnastics


So let me fly away
Makin' my mistakes
It's harder to stay all in the same place
You never say you're gonna change
Let me float away let go of my weight
Cause all my mistakes don't have to stay
Doin' all that I can don't let it fade


[Outro] [2x]
Naww man, mad people was frontin'
Aww man, made something from nothing
Made something from nothing

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Let Me Be Me Ringtones to your Cell

Hoodie Allen - Let Me Be Me Song Lyrics from "Crew Cuts [2013], Track 1 ()".

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