To My Mans (feat. Dave Hollister)

Keith Murray

To my man L.O.D., Def Squad
Hey yo, this goes out to my man
Adrissa "Knockout" Beauwright and Anthony "Apple" Ames
Word is bond
I'm talking to my peoples all across the land
Relate to the situation at hand
I know everybody done been in some shit
And ready to lay niggas to rest
Just proove it but check it
We done did it, seen it, done it, been through it
Swigged it, guzzled it, copped it, smuggled it
Rocked it, chopped it, locked it
Now we got the whole neighbourhood going through it
Ay yo, money in the hood makes the game go good
We only rock black jeans, black Timbs, and black hoods
Karl Kani wasn't even out, dressing fly
Rocking jams is what it was all about
We had dreams of doing shit niggas never heard of
Then damn my partner got murdered
CHORUS: (12)
(This goes out) To my mansHey yo, close the blinds when you cooking
My neighbours be looking
My nerves is shooken so fuck it I'm off to Brooklyn
To my cousin with the devilish grin, devilish way of livin
But fuck it, he's still chillin
Adrissa "Knockout" Beuwright druck 40s all night
While I did the mic something right
Catching wreck or we was playing ball
Getting busy in any little hole in the wall y'all
Street soldiers with good heads on our shoulders
Wanted to go to school to be doctors and lawyers
Well I got caught up in the system with two ounces
Had to do a little time in the big houses
Before I even knew it I felt it
Ay yo, yo your cousin Knockout got murdered, right?
Damn, that was my man
Ill keep holding on (2x)I'm on the cutting edge cause I'm young and I'm black
Now I feel like I got a monkey on my back
But you know I'm stronger than that of course
I puff on El and stay mental just knockin em off
I'm just a bill on Capitol Hill
Listen to ym Squad members
Then we go for the kill
As I smell the vapors linger
I saw jealousy bring the anger in the chest with a banger
I'm on a rage against the machin, what I mean
I want to see my people
With more than just first of the month cream
The situation's always looking grim
Pregnant teenagers with kids and can't take care of em
For them niggas who did it, word to life
I'm a get with ya
Peace to my peoples, I'll never forget yaCHORUS:
To my mans (2x)
I'll keep holdin on (4x)
To my mans

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