Distant Lover

Marvin Gaye

You know, when you're in love and your lover leaves you
And you've got nobody, the lonely hours over here
Sittin' home and thinkin', you sayDistant lover, lover
Oh, so many miles away
Oh, heaven knows that I long for you
Every night, every night and sometimes I yearn through the dayDistant lover, oh lover,
You should think about me, say a prayer for me
Please, please, baby
Think about me sometime, think about me yeah
Here in misery, miseryAs I reminisce
Oh, baby, through our joyful summer together
The promises we made of the daily letter
Then all of a sudden everything seemed to explode
Now I gaze out my window, sugar, down the lonesome road
Distant lover, oh, sugar
How can you treat my heart so mean and cruel
Don't you know, sugar
That every moment that I spent with you
I treasured it like it was a precious jewel
Oh, babyLord, have mercyOh baby, don't go
Please come back, baby
Something I wanna say
When you left you took all of me with you
Now, Lord
I wonder do you wanna hear me scream and plead
Please, please, please, come back home girl
Please, baby, come back home
Oh baby, don't go
Please come back, baby
Oh, something I wanna say
When you left to go away
No other do I want, do you wanna have me plead and scream
Please, please, oh please, baby
Come back home, girl
Oh baby, come back
Oh, oh
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