Streets of Music (feat. Tanya Morgan & Enigma)

9th Wonder

I said it's a wonderful year
I said it's a wonderful yearHere we go
Young enough for ... old enough for walkman
Too young for park jams
By the time I came they sell street lamps
No more of that vibe but everywhere I went there was still rap
I grew up in bad stile real like Luky
Listening bugging out walking past Puky
I guess it helps build character
All the gods listening they came talking Africa
Smooth operator sees on the fader
Seal at the big and you know what came later
You wanna talk music on the streets
Imagine hypnotize blasting as everybody was caring through bad star
Diddy had Mason the cops did too
Pepper spray during our brother's parade
We just wanted to send them off properly and send them
Music out off synched them missed some wonderful years
I said it's a wonderful year
I said it's a wonderful yearFell in love face first when I heard change verse
Maybe it was touch all life is too short
Sounds like it cause it made life matter
Music in them streets made a lot of moments magic
Like the first song you played when you them panels
I was probably bumping out
Thanks for quit myself
In my mom's rip front tried to get us some girls
House speaker is in the hatch back the shit sounds terrible
I'm from Ohio so when those ...
Slip that in the deck right next 2 Pac
Then I moved to Caroline where that Outcast dropped
They blew big weed pumping ...
But now I'm in ... where they setup shop
Pull the sound system out and yellow tape the block
They can hate it online but if the streets say go
Offer kill woods beach you be ghetto go
I said it's a wonderful year
I said it's a wonderful yearYo check music in the park
That real art that year marks for real
For real parking big in that stereo shit
Popping willies of the sound to the ...
Half life rooster ....
Hit it knifes then act right
Bull bad breath wife coming from the back of the act
The wolf tracks had us breaking our necks
Kept them hatters in check
Kept them ticks in the deck
Never played them at depth
Math flavor before sweat you heard the urges
Stack paper major game players
Fame made them some name stayers
That we saw now all hands told us to turn it down
Had a couple of lame neighbors saying we want it loud
Shut it down never that
Still popping Hell a' tracks
... for your ears to get that feeling back
Let's goI said it's a wonderful year
I said it's a wonderful year

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