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You're never on time unless you slow it down
Never find out unless you go down
Get up again, you're running it
Get up again, oh

Another long weekend approaching and I wanna let my hair down
They say the best things in life are free, and right now I have to agree
I'm feeling super like Superman, so pass my the kryptonite
If it puts me on my ass I ain't going out without a fight
Life is tasting good, so I'm reaching for the highest heights
Get me through the storm, blue skies, I'mma fly my kite
All I need is fam, cause they're the first to understand
They're the first to lend a hand, no, they never doubt me, man
Even when I'm hustlin', bustlin', tusslin'
Slowly counting my chips and profiting margin
And they're always around to slow it down

[Hook x2]

I'm still in my bed
I wonder if I should go out and surrender instead
I got some ? stuck to my head
And it's really fucking boring, need to call up a friend

L-L-L-Look here, I'm running the better budget
Last weekend was a big week and now I'm left with empty buckets and
Eyy, I wanna do it all again
Get ? in my head and have a good time with my friends and
Eyy, what possibly could stop me?
They say the best things come for free, let me see where this will take me
Go play, with the dinosaurs and monsters
Mingle with the devil cause I'm looking for a sponsor

[Hook x2]

I'm running it
I hold it down
It's gotta be now or never
You're running it
You slow it down
It's gotta be now or never

[Hook x2]

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Running It Ringtones to your Cell

Diafrix - Running It Song Lyrics from "Pocket Full Of Dreams [2012], Track 1 ()".

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