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I'm A Dreamer (feat. 360) SONG LYRICS



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Oh, I'm up before the birds
Groundhog Day, let my dreams replay (Come on and)
Am I really awake, or am I lost in the moment in a dreamy state?
Thinking back to the days when it was all simple
Sandpit politics, no big issue
Win some, lose some, grow and brush it off, man
But nowadays everybody's got it twisted
No time to love but plenty of time to dis you
Why they dis you? I see the way, yeah I
I'm a dreamer, a true believer
Pray for better days, hoping things will change
So I let the sun shine, wash away the pain
Live to see the day where my kids can say
"It's been a long time coming for the change in the air
And it all feels good, we made it"

[Hook x2]
I'm daydreaming every day
My head's so far away
Excuse me when I say
I'm a dreamer, yes, I'm a dreamer

And I'm a dream, I'm a dream, I'm a dreamer
You say it's not possible, I don't believe ya
I live my life, live my life to the fullest
I walk around all peaceful like a Buddhist
So check me out if your mind is a mess now
You're always trying to hide that you're stressed out
Man, you need to chill out
Take a deep breath, think what it's really 'bout
Uh, I remember when I was a child
I was so wild, couldn't keep me in the house
I'd be out all day, playing in the park
My mom call my name every time it gets dark
Cause I come from a place where you only get nightmares
People shout it down so you never put it out there
Keep it to yourself and that's where it's best kept
And this is the recipe behind my success, so

[Hook x2]

Sitting in a room and I'm daydreaming
How all this success is a strange feeling
Will it all last, or will it all pass?
And all this random shit that my brain deals with
Yeah, I got my head in the clouds
Ran the raps, got the phone out to get it all down
Thinkin' 'bout the next show and expecting a crowd
Too exciting, got a Valium to settle me down
Spent years honing, mom and dad's messing around
But now my favorite part of it is my parents are proud
Never listen to the hater if he's getting me down
And no words are ever stopping me progressing my sound, no
Stay positive, I do prefer this
Looking forward to the things that I can do with my kids
And I'm thinking 'bout flying to the moon to work this
Cause the sky ain't the limit, yo, the universe is

[Hook x2]

Ringtones Ringtones: Send I'm A Dreamer (feat. 360) Ringtones to your Cell

Diafrix - I'm A Dreamer (feat. 360) Song Lyrics from "Pocket Full Of Dreams [2012], Track 4 ()".

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