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Dallas Crane

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I awoke on the side of the road to find myself naked
within arms reach was you wrapped in my blanket
you'd better start letting those clock hands scratch at your face
you've fallen behind in this race

I thought that what I desired is what I deserve
when I think of how often I touched my fingers got burned
your eyes open up wide tell me all I know
am I just a fool who's displaced
you've thrown it all back in my face
say what you want
but don't walk away

well I've found a way to challenge all of my senses
when I'm locked in the room
it's all just a part of this sentence

I crawled off the side of the road and I looked in the distance
and I know that my mental problems can't be cured in an instant
I know all of your signs you've fallen behind the times
you see that it's not too late
to take a gun to all those that you hate
don't take too long
don't hesitate

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Naked Ringtones to your Cell

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