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Electra City SONG LYRICS


Chris Rainbow

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Life in the city is getting so tough I keep losing my face in the crowd
Innocent bystanders' realization, no Superman up in the clouds
Doesn't it show - you ought to know
Electra City, the footsteps in the concrete show
Life's getting heavy, can't you see we'll have to go
It's getting so bad when I'm out on the street
There's a desperate look on each face
And nobody smiles cos it's way out of style
And they've got to get back in the race
Can't you see how we've got to go now
We've gotta get back to the coast again
I've gotta lay roots on the peaceful shoreline
I can't stand by and watch my living stop
I can see there's a cloud in the sky where the hot sun should be
And you ask what the hell is the cause of the smell
I can tell you right now it's the sea
Didn't you go? Didn't you know?

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Chris Rainbow - Electra City Song Lyrics from "A Glasgow Boy: Chris Rainbow Anthology 1974-1981 [2001], Track 18 Disc 2 ()".

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