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Chris Brown

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Twisted, twisted, yeah
Tw-tw-tw-tw-tw-twisted, yeah

Can't take control of this crazy feeling
Got me soaring yet calm
Havin' you in my arms
It's so crazy, oh baby, yeah
The way i know you love me
My heart goin' thousands of miles far

My twisted feelin' of love
Can't explain what causes this
Twisted twisted, beats of above
Baby.. you got me so twisted
Ya got me so twisted...

Its like heavens flying past my eyes
and theres nothin' I can't do
Flashin right infront of me
(Tw-tw-tw-tw-twisted, Ohhh)


They don't even begin to wonder
Cause baby, we ment to be
Not gonna wait for another moment like this
Once in a lifetime, and I got it my way..



Ringtones Ringtones: Send Twisted Ringtones to your Cell

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