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Britney Spears

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Burn it all down
Wanna buy another round
Gonna light up in the sound, of the speakerrrr!

Show your knee socks
drink tequila on the rocks
til you make your body pops
to the speakerrrrrr --- (BOX!)

(i wanna go)
down town where my posse's at
(because i got)
nine lives like a kitty cat

(uh, you wanna roll)
(that's how i roll)

(i wanna go)
bling bling when I hear that bass
(i'm gonna do)
my thing if you want a taste

(uh, you better know)
(uh, thats how i roll)

bum bum bum ba da dee dum bum bum

feel the earth quake
gonna make your body shake
til the circuits start to break
in the speakerrrrr

can we get fly
helicopter in the sky
cause we turn it up high in the speaker

if you know what it takes to be my man
we can go make love together
you can be my thug tonight
we can tear it up tonight

shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yo shimmy yayy
we could give them what they want or we could take it away
try luck tonight
we could tear it up tonight

Ringtones Ringtones: Send How I Roll Ringtones to your Cell

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