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Beccy Cole

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Well its way too soon to have the seven year itch
But he's getting cranky and I'm just a bit....unsure
I'll tell you what I mean
You see when we first met I thought well this is it
But it turns out my head was just full of sh....ining stars
Things just ain't what they seem

CHORUS: Ooooh my cards are played, my cards are played
Ooooh I wanna get lazy bones out my back door
UUh Uhh Uuhhuh uuhhuh huh yeah

Now I'm not the type to make the first pass
But when he walked by and I saw his as....h coloured eyes
Well it was like a dream...oh yes it was
Now my dreams are lying in broken bits
And I know he onl loved me for my big T...elevision
I've got a wide screen!!


Well I love getting hugged and I love geting kissed
And he loves beer and he loves getting p....retty drunk
It goes straight to his head oh yes it does
And I guess my mother warned me when I was 5 or 6
She said that men like him only think with their de...fective brains
Least I think that's what she said


Lazy bones, Lazy bones
Boy you can kiss my...

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Lazy Bones Ringtones to your Cell

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