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All Star Chuck Taylors SONG LYRICS


Andre Nickatina

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One thing I despise is these virgin suicides
Shere Khan is something that the wind cries
The way I collect is like a bomb threat
meanin if you don't have my dough
i'm a blow fa sho
You better have heat when you hang with this villian
meanin that its cold when I'm chillin
Catch a feelin
Slipped in on a banana peelin
I seen them dead on the floor with the blood skeeted to the ceilin
I was like yo how that happen?
Chuck taylors down gotta keep on rappin
The one bullet, the right place at the right time
can turn a hell of a wave into a flat line
my style don't pump no blood
it pump weed and gasoline, Nicky Nickatine
man ectasy'll twist yo spleen
tell that to the freak in them jeans, know what I mean
It's kind of ironic, make a phone call for the chronic
And let my tigas hold the gin and tonic
man i curse so much its blasphemy
but I do what the rap gods ask of me
Have heart, have hustle
have heart if you dont have muscle buy the punk gear in the tuscle
no love, unpassionate, blow weed in the face of the baddest chick
yet spin like a cd, I try not to get sleepy
on the grind when it's creepy, street gods wanna teach me
pocahantes makin money for me bustin in the tee pee
My All Star Chuck Taylors, stay laced like the mayor
street ball court player
rapid fire rhyme sayer
you be like Nicky man no fair, real poppa
I disappear like Jimmy Hopper
reappear on Easter
pants in the heavy starch crease-a
t-shirts with the vest is feature
miesha check it its the god of Khan
Chuck Taylors down like the Ramadan
catch a feelin, slipped in on a bananna peelin
you got a scheme homie what you dealin
man the bathroom tinted
with the blunt wrapped dope in it
Its like Popeye with his spinach
run around like you playing tennis
and you still aint finished
keep the party crackin like its pistachios
the freaks got it poppin like a fashion show
make a move with me birdy baby, grab the dough
like a linebacka
i got a gift like a blind jacka
put a hole in your six packa
the south paw with the lock jaw
in the kitchen with the rock raw
you remind me of cocaine and doo doo stains
man its the shitty dope dealer
dirty worm catapilla
weed collide like the sun and the moon
and I'm still trippin of that room with the blood on the ceiling
catch a feelin
my chuck taylors got me creepin
and rap dealin
come through and leave you stunned
and in shock
and leave my heart on your block like a lost glock
in the bushes or woods man you do what you could
with the little you got, are you cold or hot
put it down with the plot, and got knocked
and went to jail naked in your shoes and socks
left it up to your woman man to move your rocks
and the freak turned the spot into a hot box
Chuck Taylors All Stars with our stars
make my way to the bar and there you are
Catch a fillin

Hey sister give me some of that cheese

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