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Ringtones Ringtones: Send Some One Ringtones to your Cell

Whos the somebody thats got everybody fired up buts still a nobody
Its me motha fuckas Timmy and whats on my mind more
millis cuz what am i illy
so all u rappas and trappas wannna start shit lets
go fist to fist hit to hit
yea thats right im fuckin ill from all of the pills
thats what made me crazy and behaven shady but shit
its a blessin intstead of a bussin if u know what im sayn
cuz there is allways some one thats got the gun that
aint afraid to make everybody run but ay u know what
i say me and my boy ben will do that shit with lyrics
so sick make any bitch wanna suck the dick and make
ne nigga rappa wanna run cuz we just spit hot shit for fun
but cant u see its allways the some one that will get
the gun and that shit aint no fun
but we will soon see who the hottest rappas under the sun
theres allways the some one that will hit the pipe
of crack and never come back thats why im not afraid
to attack but shit lets just do it without the gats
so we can all come back cuz u know i aint afraid to
fight ne nigga ne night black or white it dont matter
cuz im at the top of the latter not whippin in the
kitchen with that shit called batter ha but i done
seen it before but shit i just said naw and broke thru that door
cuz i dont wanna see nothing like that no more
cuz theres allways some one thatll get to snitching
and then we the ones thatll get to kickin em in the
head and sometimes even shoot a nigga down dead but
shit thats just what i said

Ringtones Ringtones: Send Some One Ringtones to your Cell

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