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Liber Umbrarum Vel Coniunctio SONG LYRICS



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Timeo, trepido; in basilicis atris erro.
Nescio, nememini quo modo huc adveni.
Librum Iuvenis quiete domi legebam. Sed qui estis, spiritus advenientes?

Lemures aut spiritus non sumus! Nonne nos cognoscis?
Liber sanctus sum: Draconigenus sum: Et feminea aeterna sum

Certe vos cognosco; in somnis mihi torquetis!
Mehercule, abite, mali spiritus!
Redite ad infernos, magnopere me temptatis!
Cur mi apparuistis; quid vobis mecum rei est?

Tibi apparuimus, ut completus fias. Consanguinei sumus, tu et nos.

Intellectu careo! Venitisne ex animo meo?

Ita vero; de te sumus partes. Assume nos et invenies!

[Proclamator:] Nunc intellego!


[English translation:]

Timorous I tremble, lost in murky hallways. I know not nor recollect
How I came to be here. I was perusing the book of the Youth in the quiet of
My home. But who are you, approaching spirits?

Lemures or spirits we are not! Dost thou not recognise us?
I am the sacred child: I am dragon-kin: I am the eternally feminine.

Verily I recognise you; the tormentors from my dreams! By Hercules,
Begone, evil spirits! Return to Hades - you tempt me
overmuch! Wherefore did
You appear to me; what be your business with me?

We appeared to thee so thou wouldst become complete.
We are consanguinous, thee and us.

[Bawler:] I understand not! Did you spring from my soul?

[Shades:] Forsooth; we are part of thee. Embrace us and thou shalt see!

[Bawler:] I comprehend now!


Ringtones Ringtones: Send Liber Umbrarum Vel Coniunctio Ringtones to your Cell

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