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Wyoming State SONG LYRICS


A Wilhelm Scream

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There she goes to Wyoming.
College brings a new life: date rape,
jocks, Phish, pot and parties.
Was it a let-down when you found out there were thousands
like yourself? You bend so much it breaks on you.
But was it hard enough to think?
Was it hard enough to leave a world that circled around
you? If ever faced down, you'll never have to walk
alone. Faced down...because I was there to feed your
ego. You'll never have to walk alone.
I watched you puke on a white tile floor.
All of this I'm remembering because when I used to
give a fuck you meant something to me.
Was I so easy to forget? In this landslide,
when will I change, when will I be a man?
I should have left you alone.
There I went. Five years before now I loved you so
much when you liked me back.
And I hate you for that. When half of my friends call
me an asshole and the other half aren't here,
well how could I think less of you?
Is it hard enough to think; is it hard enough to drink?
Iíll have a piece of you forever.

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